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Founded by local and young entrepreneur Alex Chesters, The Outdoor Picture Palace exists to bring outdoor cinema events to the Lake District and Lancashire. Alex was able to launch his business after taking part in the The Prince's Trust's Enterprise Programme. After completing the course, Alex spent the duration of the Coronavirus lockdown planning and liaising with venues and local brands throughout the region to align all the elements required for our amazing outdoor cinema events.


Despite being a small start-up business, The Outdoor Picture Palace has built a reputation for the delivery of seamlessly organised professional events that leaves audience members with a positive and memorable experience. 


Recognising the devastating impact of the global climate emergency and the need for business to take action, The Outdoor Picture Palace acknowledges the impact of its operations and is working hard to reduce this where practicably possible. Delivering events in such beautiful and natural locations heightens the importance of reducing our impact to ensure future generations can continue to enjoy them.

The Outdoor Picture Palace will become a carbon-neutral business however we want to ensure this is carried out thoroughly to the emissions created in our operations. It would not be possible to accurately predict our emissions in our launch year. In the meantime, there are actions we will take with immediate effect, with some examples below.

Equipment and Site Decor

As a new start-up business, The Outdoor Picture Palace has had to invest in a wide array of technical AV equipment, cinema screens, event infrastructure and site decor. Where possible site furniture has been predominantly crafted from recycled and upcycled pallet wood that would have otherwise gone to waste!

Zero Waste to Landfill at Events
During all events delivered by The Outdoor Picture Palace, all on-site waste will be recyclable or compostable, eliminating single-use plastics.


Local Suppliers
From food vendors, bar stock, toilet providers and more, where possible local options will be prioritised over national operators. Not only reducing delivery miles, this also boosts local businesses and employment.

Vision:2025 Pledge

A collective of event and festival organisers working towards a sustainable live events industry, taking action on the climate and ecological crisis. An overall goal of reducing the environmental impact of the entire events industry by 50% by 2025.

If you would like to find out more about the Vision:2025 Pledge click here.

Event Food

Any food and snacks offered at events organised by The Outdoor Picture Palace will be vegetarian and vegan. Not only a trend within the events industry but also in daily life, it is widely accepted that meat consumption must reduce to mitigate our impact on the environment. At our events, this will come without compromise on the quality and taste of your meal by working with local street food vendors who can create amazing food

with freshly sourced ingredients.

The Co-operative Bank

Selecting a sustainable and ethical bank was the only choice when selecting a banking provider. With a customer-led ethical policy, it is guaranteed our money is being used in an environmentally conscious way.

If you would like to find out more about The Co-operative Bank click here

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